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Commercial insurance coverage

Commercial Insurance

If you are planning to operate a business in Florida, be responsible and protect your business with commercial insurance. At Bright Beacon Insurance Inc, the commercial insurance policy can be designed to meet the specific coverages that your business needs, as well as the essentials.

Liability Coverage

General Liability Coverage

While commercial insurance is not required in Florida, liability coverage is highly recommended. Because a liability case can happen at any point involving your business, liability coverage should always be available. Having customers, employees, and sometimes the public visiting could result in an unfortunate accident like a slip and fall. If your business is taken to court for negligence on your behalf, this coverage will cover the costs, protecting your business from these financial obligations.

Professional Liability Coverage

Some businesses specialize in advising clients. If your business offers services that influence the decisions of your clients, they can file a claim against your business if incorrect information or negligence is proven.

Property Damage Covered

Like homes and automobiles, commercial properties can potentially fall victim to unfortunate events such as theft, vandalism, or fire that can destroy property. With commercial insurance, your property damage is covered, allowing repairs and replacements to be made without any additional financial obligation from your business.

Contractors Insurance

Are you a business contractor in Florida? Ensuring your contracting business will promote your reputation with your clients and cover your jobs should an accident happen. Work-related accidents can be financially damaging to a contractor business without coverage. If you would like to take the higher paying jobs from larger employers in your field of expertise, expect a requirement for them is to have contractor insurance.

Get The Protection You Need

All businesses in Florida should consider commercial insurance before operating. If you would like to purchase a commercial insurance policy for your business, contact an agent at Bright Beacon Insurance Inc today for your personalized policy to match your business needs.

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