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Flood insurance coverage

Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is a type of supplemental insurance that homeowners in the past have considered being something only those in flood zones have needed. However, recent tragedies and hurricanes in Florida and surrounding states have prompted it to be one of the more popular supplemental insurance coverages. Below are the benefits of purchasing flood insurance for your home, whether you live in a flood zone. Bright Beacon Insurance Inc. has a flood insurance policy ready for you.

Water Damage Covered

Whether your home is in a flood zone or on elevated land, flood insurance is designed to cover all water damage that comes from flooded waters. Sometimes water dams and levees can become damaged and flash flooding emerges as the high-speed water cover all land and homes in its path to the ocean. This leaves homes that are not in an official flood zone exposed to this tragedy. A standard home insurance policy will not cover these damages, despite it being accidental and not the fault of the homeowner.

Coverage of Property Damages

From structural damages to personal property within the home, flood insurance is designed to cover all damages caused by the flood waters that have entered your Florida home. When you begin building your flood insurance policy, it is necessary to detail the different contents found inside your home and determine their value. From furniture and electronics to the appliances in your home, you need to detail these items. Also, ensure that your policy will cover the value of these different items should you need them replaced. This will eliminate additional financial obligations during a tragic event should your home fall victim.

Get Your Flood Insurance Policy Today

While flood insurance is not a requirement for Florida residents by the state, more lenders are making it a requirement before approving a mortgage if a home is in a certain area. Do not wait on the mortgage lender to make this a requirement. Contact the agents at Bright Beacon Insurance Inc and begin protecting your home with a flood insurance policy today.

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